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The Secret Sauce of Letting Go

The joy of letting go is unfortunately connected to the pain and fear of letting go.

Unresolved emotional experiences accumulate in your nervous system. As you move through life, your unresolved conflicts, relationships, losses, judgments, hurts and heartbreaks just layer on top of each other affecting your health in many ways. Over time, subtle stresses can become real symptoms.

This is what QNRT (Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy) is about. It is therapy that can identify and release trauma that is lodged in the nervous system. Whether you experience QNRT or not, Understanding this concept is so important to helping your body do what it is naturally trying to do... live in the present. And, that means letting go of what is no longer useful.

Our nervous systems need to process our negative life experiences, but how?

Think of it like digestion. A negative experience occurs and you feel it. You have to accept it like swallowing a strawberry. You also have to process it like digestion. Your nervous system needs to break it down, look at it from different angles and find some usefulness or lesson in the experience. Then finally there is the release. Your body let's go of what it has no use for. It releases what would be toxic if it stayed inside of you.

Why is this so challenging? As we live we develop coping patterns and belief systems that help us to survive our personal traumas. As we get older and these coping skills no longer work so well, we have a hard time changing them and letting them go. All of this happens so deeply in the subconscious mind that we are often not aware of how we cope, we just do.

We need to update and strengthen the way we digest our unresolved negative experiences and emotions.

3 Keys to Releasing Toxic Emotions

Hint... the Secret Sauce ...Shift your perception to one of Self-Love and Responsibility. If you love yourself so much, you will allow old patterns to release along with the unresolved negative emotions that need to go. You will have joy in the present moment, if you will Allow yourself to release.

1. Identify Your Emotion. This can be tricky as we have so many emotions at one time. Journaling can be incredibly helpful. Privacy is required. Just start writing. Write about the situation, all of the emotions that rise up in you, everything that confuses you. Keep at it until you can narrow it down to something you know it's time to let go of.

Examples I see often in my QNRT practice are:

angry, lied to, not fair, unworthy, not seen/heard, my fault, not good enough, powerless, grief, blaming others, judging self and others, victimized, taken advantage of, and so many more.

2. Take Responsibility for Your Own Emotion and Allow the Process. Decide that it is your job to process and release your old emotions from your system. I use journaling, physical exercise, having conversations (sometimes screaming) imagining the other person is with me. I have had conversations out loud at gravesides, screamed in my car, taken kickboxing. You can find a way to love and care for yourself so very much that you will find a way to let go, forgive and be finished with the emotional situation for good.

If you have truly been victimized, I am not advocating that what happened to you was ok. I am not saying that the other party is not responsible. I am saying that your emotions are your responsibility to release. Honor them and let them go. Create some emotional distance between yourself and the other person. They will have to process their part of it at some point. That is not your responsibility.

3. Trust the Release process. You trust digestion don't you? It may not happen overnight. Your nervous system has its own internal intelligence. For big or long standing stresses, repeating this process may be necessary.

Ask God (Your Higher Power) to help you live in the JOY of the present. Be ready, willing and able to let go of all past emotional trauma as well as the negative coping patterns that no longer are healthy for you.

I wish you so much love and joy. Believe in your natural ability to release the past and be so very resilient. Your life will be better. Your body will be healthier. There will be room for more of whatever you love to enter your life.

Please reach out to me if I can be supportive.


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