Healing from Trauma & Stress

QNRT (Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy)

What is QNRT?

Quantum Neurological Reset Therapy, commonly known as QNRT, is a unique therapy based on the knowledge that unresolved emotional trauma and life patterns lead to imbalances in our lives. These imbalances eventually cause anything from troubled relationships to major disease. Unresolved emotional stress stays active in the body indefinitely. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention have complied ACE Studies which show that adverse childhood experiences result in many negative adult trends.

How Does QNRT Work?

Our Brains are Reactive

Our unresolved emotional stresses are always running in  your nervous system like open files on  your computer. If an old wound is triggered by a current event, we can activate an old unresolved stress. We then overreact, coming from the emotional age of our earlier wound of this type. Our knee jerk reactions are red flags that reveal our negative patterns. We want to be functioning out of our Adult Emotional Age to resolve current events. We want to keep the wisdom gained from our difficult experiences, not continue to live them and overreact automatically.


Slow Things Down

Instead of automatically reacting to our triggers, we want to slow our brain down. We actually want to pass the current events through the conscious mind, and then decide how to respond. After a QNRT session, you will have some space to make a different choice. An opportunity to see things from a fresh perspective. We often see renewed relationships, less emotionally charged reactions and more forgiveness from our clients.

Stress Accumulation

Unresolved emotional stresses accumulate over time. They create fear responses that can have us stuck in fight or flight for too long – sometimes many years. The nervous system becomes overburdened with every little stress tolerance. Using QNRT to unburden the nervous system of past trauma gives the nervous system more stress tolerance. When the brain is relieved of having active unresolved trauma running in the background, the brain has more energy and patience for the present moment.


A QNRT Session

Whether it is a traumatic event or an ongoing struggle, you can bet there is a neurological pattern that can be reset and redirected. QNRT identifies patterns with neurological tests and muscle response testing.

Without much information from a client, the testing will reveal the priority areas needing reset. We will identify the area of the brain, the age of the event and the negative patterns or beliefs adopted from that trauma. Following the QNRT session, our clients report the ability to be less reactive and more present.

Stacey has put together a QNRT Client Brochure to answer additional questions or to share with your friends and family.


Who Would Benefit From QNRT?

Bottom Line: Everyone has trauma. Everyone could benefit from QNRT to help them unburden their nervous systems and live in the present. Whenever a person says, ever since that event happened, I have never been the same, there is trauma to heal.

Red flags that you could benefit from include repeated patterns in your relationships or career, negative self-talk, inability to let things go and move forward as well as unresolved emotional or mental stress.

Trauma is defined by the person feeling it. A highly sensitive person could be affected for a lifetime by a disappointed look or a rude voice tone from a loved one. On the other end of the scale, there may be abuse, abandonment, humiliation or extreme loss. It’s shock and trauma if it was traumatic to you.


What Are The Results?

Once you embark on your healing journey with QNRT, you life will change. You will see yourself more clearly as well as your healing path. You’ll experience fresh perspectives. Then, freedom and forgiveness come naturally. You’ll feel empowered to move forward seeing the situation from a new perspective. This provides for a higher stress tolerance and relief of the mental, emotional and physical stress.



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