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Why I Use Essential Oils as a Daily Tool…

At Healing Works I share tools such as QNRT, Mentoring and Essential Oils. My reason is to inspire others to use healing tools to be happier and healthier. Oils have made my life better since the day I first tried them and I would love to share them with you.

My first introduction to Essential Oils was about 10 years ago. I was going through a stressful time in my life. I had two small children, a sick mother, and Hurricane Katrina had just hit my hometown, New Orleans, Louisiana. To add to this my husband and I had just relocated and started a new Chiropractic office in Granbury, Texas.

A friend shared oils with me to calm me and help me rest. I could not believe how much they helped me.

I used the oils on a regular basis. As things calmed down and time passed I had to know more. Ten years later, Essential Oils are a daily tool for wellness in my home and business. Not only do they smell good, they are effective in all areas of wellness that I focus on, emotional, mental and physical.

I recommend them to QNRT clients at Healing Works and always have them on hand. I teach classes to help others use oils as a wellness tool. It is very gratifying to share oils and see others supported in a natural way.


What are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are the aromatic compounds found in plants. They have been used for centuries as a tool for wellness. They are highly concentrated and effective. The oils are extracted from the plant material and bottled for our easy use. They can be used topically, aromatically, and internally. They are safe to use for your entire family, even your pets. Here’s a video to provide additional information about doTERRA Essential Oils 


How is doTERRA different?

Essential Oils are all over the news today. You can buy oils almost everywhere you go. Why would I recommend only doTERRA Essential Oils? Here are three prime reasons.


1. Farming Practices

doTERRA’s Co-Impact Sourcing Program insures that the farming practices are beyond organic. doTERRA does not own the farms. They partner with the farmers. doTERRA essential oils come from plants harvested from areas where they naturally grow for maximum therapeutic benefit.

The farmers are paid a fair price, directly without the use of middlemen.  The farmers are educated and supported in producing CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) oils for years to come. The farming communities thrive through their relationship with doTERRA through jobs, education and practical needs of their people. It’s a win win relationship. doTERRA has a heart for their essential oils, their customers, and those amazing people who dig up the plants. I love that. Let me encourage you to watch this video to learn even more.


2. CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade

doTERRA’s oils are the best oils in the world. They are tested extensively to ensure this. CPTG Quality Testing is critical.

There is no state or federal entity that regulates the quality of Essential Oils. When you buy essential oils, there is no clear way to know what you are buying. Oils can be synthetic, perfume grade, adulterated and diluted. The labels might say Therapeutic grade/external use only. They might smell like essential oil, but there is no way to know.

doTERRA has set a standard for itself. Each liter of oil is tested extensively by third party labs to insure its quality and purity. Because of the rigorous testing that DoTERRA Essential Oils requires, you can be guaranteed they are 100% pure essential oil. If you’d like to learn more details on the testing of doTERRA’s pure essential oils please visit this link to learn more.

When you use doTERRA essential oils, you know what is in the bottle. 100% pure CPTG oil. You also know what is not in the bottle – pesticides, chemicals or synthetic material and additives. doTERRA is the first company to offer transparency in their testing. In order to verify the purity of your doTERRA Essential Oil, you click on this link to go to a Quality Reports site.  Enter the “lot number” from the bottom of your doTERRA essential oils bottle. You will see the testing results for that specific batch. Transparency. Assurance. Integrity. I trust doTERRA. I have used every oil they have to offer. I believe you will find great value as well.


3. Education and Support - Working With Team Healing Works

doTERRA.com provides an abundance of educational resources. One key resource is the support and education provided by Healing Works. When you open your doTERRA account through Healing Works, you are a part of our community. You can be assured you will have access to learning opportunities and as much support as you desire. Healing Works is committed to be teaching you how to use doTERRA essential oils. We are your personal resource.

We care about you, and want to help you feel confident in using essential oils in your home.

Healing Works strives to make learning about these pure essential oils easy and convenient. We offer classes in our office. However, we understand it’s not always convenient to attend. That’s why we have this link to view our doTERRA essential oils introduction.

Once you experience the amazing results of using essential oils, you may want to share them with others. Call us. We can help you make this happen.



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